Illustration from “Climate, Classrooms and Trees”


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Jess Parker and Josh Falk Illustration

Forest ecologist Dr. Geoffrey “Jess” Parker and education specialist Josh Falk, both of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, officially launch the Smithsonian Tree Banding Project. This SHOUT mission will contribute to Dr Parker’s current research, which uses data about tree biomass collected over the past 23 years to track how trees respond to climate. Starting with classrooms in the southern hemisphere in January, students around the globe will monitor the rate at which their local trees grow and learn how that rate corresponds to Dr. Parker’s research. Parker and Falk will be joined by teachers already introduced to the project to review its practical aspects. Once involved, students will be helping to create the first global observatory of how trees respond to climate!

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Geoffrey "Jess" Parker

Geoffrey “Jess” Parker
Senior Scientist and Forest Ecologist
Geoffrey Parker has been the forest ecologist at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) since 1987.  His research interests include the structure and function of forest ecosystems, the spatial relationships of forest trees, and comparative forest ecology.

Josh FalkJoshua Falk
Education Specialist
Joshua Falk has been an environmental educator for more than ten years. For the last four years he has been at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC), where he enjoys “connecting learners of all ages to the research that our scientists do.”