What do you wonder? Join us in asking the big questions.
What do you wonder? Join us in asking the big questions.

Smithsonian historians, scientists, and other researchers share their questions, their methods, and their intriguing findings in an interactive format that welcomes you to contribute your own ideas.

  • Who are the unknown artists of World War II?
  • How do you track an ocelot in the wild?
  • What does a skeleton tell you about our nation’s history?
  • Why is it important to save and listen to music from vanishing cultures?

Tackle these and other intriguing problems with Smithsonian experts.

This multi-disciplinary two-part online conference will feature live presentations, moderated forums, and demonstrations of how Smithsonian specialists use critical thinking skills to solve problems in their areas of expertise. An online exhibit hall will allow participants everywhere to experience virtually the world of the Smithsonian and the wealth of its resources.

Part I – April 13-14, 2010: World Cultures and the American Experience

Part II – April 28-29, 2010: Biodiversity and Mysteries of the Universe