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How did photography help you solve a problem?

DiscussionsSince they were invented, and with the spread of images made possible by digital technology, photographs have become essential in the problem solving.  As close to 100 stories collected in the Smithsonian Photography Initiative’s online project, click! photography changes everything point out, photography helps us to think and work our way through issues, big and small, in both our personal and professional lives.

To continue exploring that theme, we’re interested in hearing from you how a photograph you’ve seen, taken, or used has helped you think through a challenge or made something specific happen.  People use photos all the time to gather data, get the hairstyles they want, find homes, beat parking tickets, and get dates.  Have you got a story about how photography helped you solve a specific problem?  If you do, please tell us about it, and link to the photo below.  (If your photo is not already online, you can post it to www.flickr.com and include the link with your story below.)