National Museum of the American Indian

NMAIThe National Museum of the American Indian is the sixteenth museum of the Smithsonian Institution. It is the first national museum dedicated to the preservation, study, and exhibition of the life, languages, literature, history, and arts of Native Americans. Established by an act of Congress in 1989, the museum works in collaboration with the Native peoples of the Western Hemisphere to protect and foster their cultures by reaffirming traditions and beliefs, encouraging contemporary artistic expression, and empowering the Indian voice.


Doug HermanOnline Conference presenter Paul Chaat Smith, Associate Curator at the National Museum of the American Indian, has assembled the following resources:


NMAIVideo presentation by NMAI Director Kevin Gover on stereotypes.“Will the White Man’s Indian Ever Die?” Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law: The 3rd Annual Canby Lecture, January 28, 2010.


PDFThe Museum’s controversial 2004 opening exhibitions. Presenting Evidence: Curator Paul Chaat Smith on NMAI’s history exhibition, March 2005.


PDFIntroduction to The National Museum of the American Indian: Critical ConversationsEdited by Amy Lonetree and Amanda J. Cobb, University of Nebraska Press, 2008.


PDFA Particular Kind of TruthBy Philip Kennicott, Washington Post, September 19, 2004.


PDFIndian Museum Celebrates Life, but Death is There, TooBy Jodi Rave, Corvallis Gazette Times, September 27, 2004.


Web PageFritz Scholder: Indian/Not IndianThe National Museum of the American Indian mounted a career retrospective of works by one of the most transformative American artists of the last half century, Fritz Scholder (1937–2005).


PDFWho’s Afraid of Fritz Scholder?Curator Talk by Paul Chaat Smith, December 2008.


PDFFritz Scholder: Indian/Not Indian study guide.A Guide for Young People 7 and Up.


Web PageBrian Jungen: Strange ComfortStrange Comfort is a major exhibition organized by the National Museum of the American Indian.


Web PageFlickr group for Brian Jungen: Strange Comfort.


PDFShopping with Brian JungenCurator Talk by Paul Chaat Smith, March 2010.


Web PageEverything You Know about Indians Is WrongWeb site for book by Paul Chaat Smith

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