Session #6 – Apollo and the So-Called Moon-Landing Hoax

  1. Robert Brand says:

    The experiences in Australia will be similar except Australians seem to be less likely to think that the landings were faked. As someone that worked on Apollo 11,15,16 & 17 comms in Australia and missions right through to the middle of the shuttle program, it is hard to imagine how anyone could consider that they did not happen. The evolution of space exploration clearly placed the Apollo moon missions into a plausable position. Working at the Parkes Radio Telescope in Australia during the Voyager encounters with Neptune and Uranus, the technology we had was clearly well developed and faking signals from the moon would have been almost as difficult as actually going there – maybe harder. I look forward to the discussion.

  2. Michael C. says:

    This sounds like it will be a fascinating conference session. Will the panelists comment on the evolution of Project Apollo remembrances as compared to other significant events like World War II? Thank you.