Session #1 – Placing Apollo in Historical Context

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
11:00 – 11:50 am EST
Session 1
Roger Launius, Division of Space History, National Air and Space Museum
Michael Neufeld, Division of Space History, National Air and Space Museum

What lessons can we learn from the Apollo Moon landing story? President Kennedy’s challenge to land a man on the Moon initiated an intensive period of activity, which resulted in one of the most amazing technological achievements of the 20th century. Senior Curator and former NASA historian Roger Launius and Chair of the Space History Division Michael Neufeld will provide an overview of the period and offer insight into the real story behind Kennedy’s famous speech to Congress in May 1961. A panel of museum experts will answer the question: why is Apollo important in United States history?

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Discuss this topic with others

  1. Robert Brand says:

    I am looking forward to this conference and a big thank you to NASA for this opportunity to be involved. We clearly would like to place the events of Apollo in context and ensure generations to come understand the significance of the endeavour. As someone that worked on the NASA comms and video systems from Australia for Apollo 11 I have a clear personal interest.

    Thanks again

  2. Michael C. says:

    I am very much looking forward to this conference session. Will the panelists address the role that Vice-President Lyndon Johnson played in President Kennedy’s 1961 challenge to land a man on the Moon by the end of the decade? Thank you.

  3. Glenn Showalter says:

    Long opposed to a maned mission to Mars as God gave us our Moon for a lab and play ground for a much safer and more practical venue. gs

  4. Wendi J. W. Williams, Ph.D. says:

    Thank you for providing additional background information that I can incorporate into my college-level geoscience courses for both the University of Arkansas system and NorthWest Arkansas Community College students. I also use this “Moon to Mars” renewed interest with my summer pre-college institute participants. W^3

  5. Nobuyuki says:

    It was a fantastic achievement of NASA that opened the possibility for our new habitat and raised the question of extraterrestrial life ! We have a myriad of problems on earth, but how are we to establish a colony on the moon is a conundrum for our next generation to solve !

  6. Kazi says:

    Every achievement depends his satisfection and result oriented.Apollo-this name only for make result for humaterian and informatives for new generation.They will carry their sucessiveness-I pray.